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Wilbert Smith, Jr., Ph.D.


Dr. Wilbert Smith graduated with his doctorate from the University of Sedona specializing in metaphysical counseling. Dr. Smith is the former Associate Director of Houston Allied Health Careers. His career in management taught him that developing personal relationships in a professional setting, enhances creativity, teamwork and gives meaning and value to professional aspirations.


He has more than forty years of counseling experience which includes advising civilian and military personnel. His specialty lies in his ability to help clients explore what it means to be a “human,” and what personal psychological and behavioral guideposts are at play within the psyche of the client in an effort to clarify and achieve goals.


Dr. Smith works with each client to develop a "Personal Self-Actualization Plan" that is grounded in the client's own understanding of God as the Higher Power and Divine Source. Dr. Smith advocates applying higher Metaphysical spiritual truth to improve life, love, success, and happiness. He seeks to help individuals through the gift of a higher mind that was given to All through God, to have a bountiful and plentiful lifestyle.


Dr. Smith works with clients to create, extend and change "corporate identities" so that they work in harmony with professional goals. He has lectured at professional healthcare industry meetings and has guided numerous CEOs and Project Managers on "Best Practice" development and implementation.


Dr. Smith is the author of "Continuum," a metaphysical study of life after death. He is also the author of "Beyond Wisdom," an article which appears in The National Dental Journal and details the benefits of formal education versus "on the job" training.


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