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Mission Statement


New Dimension Counseling, through metaphysical ministerial counseling, is committed to offering insight that explains those aspects of a person which exist beyond the ability of The 5 Senses to perceive. New Dimension Counseling examines the influence of culture, family, friends, the media, and religion, in order to empower individuals to make adjustments in their lives so that they can gain a better understanding of the world in which they live which will lead to a more peaceful and free life. Metaphysical counseling also facilitates personal growth and a spiritual connection to God.  All that is; the Divine, Higher Power, whatever you choose to call God; we strive to help individuals communicate and bond with the spiritual universe to improve life, love, success, and happiness. We seek to help you through the gift of the Higher Mind that was given us through God, to have a bountiful and plentiful lifestyle.


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