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About us creates a spiritual partnership with families and individuals who seek spiritual counseling. We provide a safe nonjudgmental environment where individuals and families can explore their personal experience using metaphysics. A metaphysical consultation is different from traditional psychotherapy in that our time together will be spent exploring why individuals and families understand the world the way they do. We do this by exploring the concepts of existence, objects and their properties, space, time, cause, effect and possibility .

The initial "interview"is done to discover the ultimate goal(s) of the individual or family. emphasizes spiritual growth and development by identifying experiences that are best for the growth, development and spiritual expansion of the individual or family. We create a "emotional contract" with our clients to help untangle underutilized beliefs and capitalize on positive conceptions while exploring varying opinions and perceptions. is passionate about helping individuals and families achieve and take advantage of an "Aha" moment. We want our clients to experience small personal "spiritual earthquakes." that are designed not to destroy but to create a new internal psyche-space where new personal management tools can be loaded. We understand that living a universal life requires that families and individuals  to unload and unpack backpacks full of emotional baggage which has weighed them down - fosters and facilitates the "unpacking" process in an effort to open an entire new style of living!

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